Malek Keg External Cleaning

Malek Keg External Cleaning beer keg washer by gusmer brewing

Malek Keg External Cleaning

Headquartered in Velbert, Germany, Malek Brautech GmbH is a family owned company now in its second generation. Known for their high-quality keg equipment, Malek offers solutions for breweries of all sizes: from simple, small-scale 15 keg/hr washers to complete, turn-key keg lines with external and internal washing, filling and palletizing capability and capacity up to 1000 kegs/hr. Whether your brewery needs to make the first move away from manual keg cleaning or take a serious jump to large scale keg production, Malek Brautech has the High Performance Engineering, Made in Germany solution for you!
Product Details

Malek Brautech external cleaners for kegs are based upon a modular design and are made in line with your requirements in regards to configuration and capacity. We have the right systems ready for you in every capacity class, regardless of whether you are looking to remove labels, ink labeling or stubborn dirt. Configuration of your machines is individualized with different cleaning zones, high-pressure units, brush stations, automatic or manual dirt removal and much more. We would also be happy to realize custom solutions for you, such as surface sealing of PU kegs. Working in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner with resources is a focus for us at all times.



The general-purpose COMBICLEAN cleaning machine comprises an enclosed cleaning chamber with two integrated tanks for detergents and mixed water. Product-specific input carriers mean perfect cleaning of growlers, kegs, casks and more.

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