ABER CountStar

Aber CountStar

The Aber Countstar is the first slide-based image analysis instrument for yeast cell counts.  It uses the same safe, traditional stains used in microscopy.
Product Details

One measurement takes less than 20 seconds and provides the cell count (total, live and dead), the viability%, cell diameter and the degree of aggregation.

The instrument uses disposable slides containing 5 sample chambers that require just 20µl for each sample.

Educational Webinars

Yeast Propagation & Yeast Monitoring

Presentation Topics include:
  • Yeast propagation overview
  • Benefits of propagating your own yeast
  • Controlling your yeast propagation
  • Tips and considerations during propagation
  • mbt Brautechnik Prop-Bit pre-propagator
  • Christian Gresser primary yeast propagators
  • Yeast monitoring with ABER
  • Presentation Notes: Yeast Propagation & Yeast Monitoring Slides
  • (Yeast Propagation Overview 1:29 |  Yeast Propagation Benefits 3:52 | Helpful Tips 9:00 | mbt Brautechnik & Christian Gresser Equip 17:10 | Yeast Monitoring ABER 26:45 | Q&A 40:46)

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