Aber Yeast Monitors

Aber Yeast Monitors

Aber Yeast Monitors are recognized today by many of the world’s major brewing groups as the most accurate and reliable instruments for measuring the viable yeast cell concentration in line. Today’s modern craft and regional brewers are incorporating Aber yeast monitors into their existing systems to give them the benefits of improved pitching yeast quality which can reduce fermentation time and guarantee more consistent products.
Product Details

Compact Monitor

In order to simplify calibration and start-up, the Compact series is suitable for breweries that use up to 20 yeast strains. The Compact Yeast Monitors are designed to be used in real time with yeast slurries in the range of 5-70% viable spun solids and the system is maintenance free.

410P Yeast Monitor

The 410P Yeast Monitor is the answer to affordable inline yeast viable cell count. This instrument is designed for single channel applications. The major benefit of single point measuring is the dramatically reduced cost of this instrument compared to other
yeast monitors.

410PV Yeast Monitor

The Compact Adapt is designed for single channel applications. Its probe can be inserted into a variety of ports commonly used on fermenters or propagators.


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