Aber PerfectPitch

ABER PerfectPitch

Aber PerfectPitch

Aber PerfectPitch -  Dosing the exact amount of live yeast into each fermenter is critical for consistent fermentation performance and beer quality.

The PerfectPitch provides the ideal solution: A yeast pitching control module with the flexibility to connect to various yeast storage vessels and fermenters. The PerfectPitch is a portable skid that combines ABER’s acclaimed yeast monitor technology, a flow meter, pipework and a mini-PLC.

Product Details

Key Features

  • Helps achieve live yeast concentrations targets consistently with great accuracy
  • Immediate impact on process and product quality
  • Improved fermentation efficiency
  • Batch-to-batch and fermentation profile consistency
  • Improved vessel utilization and planning
  • Less waste
  • Easy to use
Educational Webinars

Improving Fermentation Throughput & Consistency with the ABER PerfectPitch

Presentation Topics include:
  • Introduction to ABER Instruments
  • Why use the PerfectPitch?
  • Principle of Measurement
  • Where can the PerfectPitch beutilized
  • Example data
  • Case Study: Summit Brewing Company
  • Q&A
  • Presentation Notes: Improving Fermentation Throughput & Consistency with the ABER PerfectPitch
  • (Introduction to ABER Instruments 1:35, Why use the PerfectPitch 2:34, Principle of Measurement 5:04, Where can the PerfectPitch be utilized 8:50, Example data 13:37, Case Study: Summit Brewing Company 20:05, Q&A 30:55)

Yeast Propagation & Yeast Monitoring

Presentation Topics include:
  • Yeast propagation overview
  • Benefits of propagating your own yeast
  • Controlling your yeast propagation
  • Tips and considerations during propagation
  • mbt Brautechnik Prop-Bit pre-propagator
  • Christian Gresser primary yeast propagators
  • Yeast monitoring with ABER
  • Presentation Notes: Yeast Propagation & Yeast Monitoring Slides
  • (Yeast Propagation Overview 1:29 |  Yeast Propagation Benefits 3:52 | Helpful Tips 9:00 | mbt Brautechnik & Christian Gresser Equip 17:10 | Yeast Monitoring ABER 26:45 | Q&A 40:46)

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