Assistant Production Manager (Line)

Job Summary:

Directly responsible for line production at Gusmer Enterprises. This responsibility includes monitoring output, quality and performance, providing feedback to supervisor and reports, motivating employees, and recognizing positive contributions. General knowledge of all production equipment is necessary. Provides back up to the Production Manager – Line as needed for personnel decisions and overseeing the line

The Assistant Production Manager-Line is also a vital production purchasing agent. Evaluates requirements based on orders, history, and projections to ensure adequate raw materials, components and sub-assemblies are on-site in a manner which allows production to produce products and meet customer ship dates.

Reports to:

1. Manager: Director of Manufacturing

2. Direct Supervisor: Production Manager – Line

3. Indirect Reporting Relationship: Production Manager – Device

Essential Functions:

1. Oversee Line Production operations including monitoring lead times and backlog, equipment operations, potential and actual schedule disruptions, and material to ensure that the                              employees and equipment are utilized effectively.

2. Oversee production planner as it comes to them working with Customer Service and sales to give best possible ship-dates for products ordered while maintaining efficient production of                      manufacturing process. Communicate any delays or required changes to promised ship dates proactively to Customer Service or directly to customer as appropriate.

3. Based on current orders in-house schedule production jobs in such a manner as to avoid excess downtime and grade changes while meeting customer requirements and promised lead                         times.

4. Oversee Line Production employees and oversee work performed, including monitoring output, quality and performance, providing feedback to reports, motivating employees, and                               recognizing positive contributions. Perform supervisory position when the Production Manager – Line is un available.

5. Enforce Company rules in regard to safety and policy, assets and give discipline as warranted working with or independent of Production Manger – Line.

6. In a support role; work with Supply Chain Manager by using MRP and other available inventory management tools, assess supply of raw materials, sub-assemblies and components, and                    place purchase orders as appropriate to ensure adequate raw materials, components and sub-assemblies are on-site in a manner which allows production to produce products and meet                      customer ship dates. Partnering with suppliers, attempt to procure quality products and the best possible pricing using purchasing tools such as contracts, discounts, terms, etc. Work with                R&D and Product and Process Development in the development of new products and devices. Work with maintenance to keep production equipment running.

7. Quote and purchase new cutting dies to meet Gusmer and customer specifications.

8. Work with other Production Management Personnel to manage productivity of production personnel.

9. Work with R&D in the discovery and approval of quality suppliers and sub-contractors for production based materials, equipment, etc.

10. Based on history and knowledge, help sales and customer service determine fair standard prices for all manufactured products.

11. Assistant Production Manager – Line is required to work with many employees both within production and in other areas. This includes but is not limited to QC, R&D, Maintenance, Sales                  and Customer Service, Shipping/receiving, HR, financial and office staff

12. Work to partner with suppliers to provide quality goods in a timely manner. Also, work with customers when required to service their needs while minimizing disruption to production.

13. Project a professional appearance and behavior as a representative of Gusmer Enterprises.

14. Adhere to Gusmer’s policies and procedures, including safety programs.

15. Support and enforce lean initiatives. Take part in lean events as needed or required.

16. Perform other production management related work as assigned.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience:

1. Minimum Education (or substitute experience) required:

– 4 years high school or equivalent minimum – degree or HSED required.

2. Minimum Experience required:

– 5 years in Production environment, supervision experience preferred. Exceptions may be made for good internal performers with less experience.

3. Skills Required:

– Computer operation using current operating system(s)

– Supervisory skills including proper personal interaction (RESPECT)

– Communication and human relations training as assigned by supervisor.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

1. Act in the following team roles: Quality Council, Customer Complaint, Crew Leader/DOS meetings. Membership on other quality or product based teams may be required based on need.

2. Assist in supervision for all employees involved in line production. This includes handling employee concerns, monitoring and grading performance or recommending changes in the absence of the Production Manager – Line. Also will assist in assessing employee behavior and based on determination, recommend and/or deliver discipline or recognition.

Additional Responsibilities:

1. Equipment:

– Work on computer often using software such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Aurora, Gemm.

– Additional programs may be used as necessary.

– Will need to be proficient in a wide range of office equipment including but not limited to computers and associated software, fax machines, copiers etc.

2. Financial:

– In the position of Assistant Production Manager-Line, there will be multiple financial responsibilities including determining standard costs and sales prices for product manufactured,                         purchased, and subcontracted.

3. Internal and External Business Contacts:

– Production Manager Line is required to work with employees at all Gusmer Enterprises locations and in all areas.

– This position will interact with a wide range of both vendors and customers and should work to partner with supplied to provide quality goods in a timely manner.

Career Path:

The Assistant Production Manager-Line is support function with the organization and a key member of the Production Management group. We encourage our employees to look for development opportunities to improve themselves. If qualified and interested, are eligible to apply for other positions inside the Company. Demonstrating leadership qualities through this position could benefit an employee in consideration for another position within Gusmer Enterprises with increased responsibilities and supervision activities.

Job Type: Full-time


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance
  • Vision insurance


  • 8 hour shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekend availability


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)


  • Manufacturing: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Management: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location: One location

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